Since a few years the Golf & Country Club Christnach puts a lot emphasis on the support of junior golfers in the club. In collaboration between club, parents and PROs we structure the development of our youngest players in the club.

From March to October our PROs teach the youth the game of golf at any weather condition. We put lot of emphasize not only on technical and practical education, but also the etiquette of golf. We want to inspire our youth to play golf and offer them a promising alternative in the leisure and competitive sports sector. The youth are to be integrated into the club’s internal competition, national and international tournaments as well as the national championship.

For all sporting goals, fun in the free time of the kids has highest priority.

We are proud of the development our juniors have made in recent years. In order to maintain this development and to offer a targeted training, we divide our juniors into different teams depending on their level of play. These team compositions are revised annually to count for the progress each player has made.

We are happy of having three teams/groups this year:

Team 1


Marie Facciolini

Lisa Steingrube

Benjamin Sünnen

Adam Cizeron

Noah Heck

Tim Fischbach

Alexandr Krämer

Team 2


Nicolas Vanhootegem

Group 1

Maya Olafsdottir

Baya Cizeron

Michel Mehlen

Gene Romera

Tommi Sigurdson

Rik Block

Luca Hoffmann

Group 2

Linda Romera

Bella Kraama

Noah Kraama

Maximilian Outlet

Oskar Olafsson

Kristofer Block


During 2020 Trainings will take place every Saturday and Thursday. Those days and times can change throughout the season, depending on tournaments and school times. If and when this happens parents and juniors will be informed in time.

Team 1
(PRO Marie)

Saturday: 14:00h – 16:00h

Thursday: 17:00h – 19:00h

Team 2 - Group 1
(PRO Nicolas)

Saturday: 15:00h – 16:00h

Thursday: 17:00h – 18:00h

Team 2 - Group 2
(PRO Nicolas)

Saturday: 14:00h – 15:00h

Thursday: 17:00h – 18:00h

We would be very happy to welcome new juniors or beginners in our club. If you want to try please join our trainings on Saturdays and practise with our juniors and PROs. Are you interested?